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Welcome To Your HPE Website    
Updated: 6/29/15
(Make sure you scroll down the page to see everything!)
~ New To The Website ~
The latest additions to your website are the following items:
As Of 6-29-2015:
  1. In the "Important Messages" box, IMPORTANT information regarding the HPE Playground.
  2. In the "Important Messages" box, IMPORTANT message regarding restraining your dog.
  3. In the "Important Messages" box, a reminder regarding where to call for HPE Swimming Pool questions.
  4. In the "Important Messages" box, information regarding the replacement of Street Signs.
  5. In the "Upcoming HPE Events" box, updated information regarding the HPE Garage Sale.
  6. In the "Board Meeting Minutes" link on the left side of this Home Page, the Meeting Minutes for May, 2015.

~ Important Messages ~
The HPE Playground, located next to the HPE Swimming Pool, will be replaced. 
The first step will be to demolish and remove the existing equipment.
This removal will take place the week of JUNE 29th. 
For Your Safety - Please do not interfere or disturb anything in that area.
The new playground equipment will be erected in the very near future.
The control of some dogs in our community has become an issue.
Dogs not on a leash or not within an Electric Fence have chased people beyond the sidewalk or into the street.  Other dogs who are on a leash but with too much slack could easily trip others.  This interference concerns the safety of small children, elderly residents, bicycle riders and other dogs and/or their owners. 
Please maintain your dog so it does not charge or interfere with others! 
As always - your dog is YOUR Responsibility.
Thank You For Your Help and Co-Operation.
We need YOU to help us manage our Community!
(In other words - do you want a "say" in what goes on here?)
With all of the good people who live in HPE, we are sure there are those who can step-up and help with the mangement of our neighborhood.
Volunteers are needed ASAP for various positions within HPE.  They are needed for the following Positions:
  • Trustee => 1 is needed (Wonder what you would do as a Trustee?  Click HERE to find out!)
  • Landscape Committee => 1 is needed
  • Pool Committee => 2 are needed
Please contact the HPE Board ASAP using the "Contact Us..." link on the left side of this page.  We would very much like to have YOU join us.  We do not want to have to go to a Management Company to run our Association!  Click HERE to read more about this.
HPE Swimming Pool Information =>  If you have questions or need information, call the HPE Hotline at 440-580-4204 and select option 5.
HPE Street Signs and their replacement:
  • The HPE Board Of Trustees voted unanimously to replace the Street Signs, as replacement is needed, with the standard steel post street signs which the City Of Strongsville use throughout the city.  This will save HPE money and will allow for a more timely replacement when needed.
  • If you see a problem with a Street Sign please call the HPE Hotline at 440-580-4204 and select option 1 and let us know.  Thanks.

~ Upcoming HPE Events ~
4th Of July Parade
Saturday, July 4th, 2015
For Information - please see the signs located at the developement entrances and at the HPE Swimming Pool Driveway.
HPE Garage Sale
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 to Friday, July 24th, 2015
The dates and times are as follows:
          Wednesday, July 22nd - "Preview Night" => 6 PM to 8 PM
          Thursday, July 23rd => 8 AM to 4 PM
          Friday, July 24th => 8 AM to 4 PM
Please see the Garage Sale "Notice", click HERE
Each House setting up a Garage Sale, will need their own Permit.  Click HERE for the steps to obtain the Permit.
There is no cost to the person applying for the Permit.
Good Luck and Have Fun!

View All Events

~ Safety Information ~
Obey the Speed Limit (25 MPH) and Stop Signs.  More and more residents are noting violators not obeying those AND are informing the Police.  Remember - there are many children going to school.  The 25 MPH Speed Limit and Stop Signs are the Law for a reason!
Ensure your Driveway Post Light is working correctly.  This is a Strongsville City Ordinance!  Click HERE for more information.  This will help those who walk in the evening and children going to school in the morning.

~ Maintaining Our Neighborhood's "High Standards" ~

Regarding Dog Care => We've seen more and more people cleaning up after their dogs, large & small, when walking them - EVEN IN THE NASTY WEATHER - Thank You!
And - While they are walking around our neighborhood, some people have been seen picking up trash, left behind by irresponsible individuals - That is GREAT!
All of us residents like to see people caring about Our Community
and keeping it CLEAN

~ For Your Reference ~
Need a copy of the "Declaration of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions" or the "2013/2014 HPE Directory"?  Click HERE for information regarding how to obtain those documents.
For information regarding the Tennis Courts, call the HPE Main Telephone Number => 440-580-4204 and select Option 1.
Would you like to know Strongsville's Solicitor Information?  Click HERE for some "Main Points" regarding Strongsville's Policy.
HERE is information regarding the Codified Ordinances of the City of Strongsville