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Welcome to your HPE Website
~ News & Messages ~
HPE Residents -
It must be noted -
Many of our Residents are upgrading and maintaining their landscaping and homes.  Not only does that make our neighborhood look very good but it keeps the value of our homes up.  A Sincere Thank-You to those Residents putting in the hard work!  
It is very much appreciated and enjoyable to see.
Now that our Pool is open, for information please read the Pool Chairman’s Spring 2014 NewsletterThat contains the information for the HPE Pool for this year.
=> Click on the " * Pool Information " link on the left for the information <=

Website Notes:
If you would like to review past information presented on this Home Page, click on the "View Archives" red link in the lower right corner of this box.  Then, in the page that comes up, click on the link for the year you wish.
Safety Tips
 - Ensure your driveway post light is working.  (This is a Strongsville City Ordinance!)  This will help those who walk in the evening and children going to school in the morning.
 - Obey the Speed Limit (25 MPH) and Stop Signs.  More and more residents are noting violators not obeying those AND informing the Police.  Remember - there are many children going to school, the 25 MPH Speed Limit and Stop Signs are the Law for a reason!
Please Remember -
Dog Care
We've seen more and more people cleaning up after their dogs when walking them - EVEN IN THE NASTY WEATHER - Thank You!
HOWEVER =>  There is still quite a bit of dog waste along our streets especially along Bryn Mawr.  We STILL see some irresponsible people walking their dogs and NOT cleaning up after them.  Please remember to clean up after your dog.  It is much appreciated.  We would like to keep our neighborhood in the high standards it has always been!
All of us residents would like to continue to see people caring about Our Community.

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