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Welcome To Your HPE Website
(Updated: 12/2/16)
(Make sure you scroll down the page to see everything!)
~ Important Messages For Our Residents ~
For your Safety - Please Note - The First Energy Light Pole at the intersection of Bryn Mawr and Greenwich is down.  First Energy has been advised.  The crew has been out and will return to complete the repair of this pole within the next couple of days.
2016 Trustee Voting Results -
As you are aware, per the mass mailing sent to all homeowners by the Board or Trustees and listed HERE, the election of 3 Board Members was held on October 11, 2016.  There was an error and a vote recount had to be held on October 16, 2016.  The elected Board Members and resulting Officers are listed in the "Board of Trustees" link on the left side of this Home Page. 
Curious About The Tree Maintenance Policy? 
It has been updated to be more comprehensive. Click HERE for the new Policy.
Speaking Of Trees -
The large 70 foot Willow tree that fell early this week into the Central Commons has been removed.
Regarding the leaves falling from the trees -
DO NOT move the leaves from your yard onto HPE Common Property.  You are creating additional charges from the landscape company which HPE residents will need to cover.  The leaves from your yard are your responsibility.
Annual Homeowner Assessment (Dues) Update -
The Board of Trustees are currently revising the Annual Assessment (Dues) Policy.  This involves the due date and the amount due for each Homeowner.  More details will follow here and in the annual mailing at the end of December.  Please check back.
Please Be Aware - A new HPE Board Of Trustee Treasurer will be needed in April, 2017. 
Brent Seabrook, our current Treasurer, will be retiring from the HPE Board of Trustees.  Please call the HPE Hotline,  440-580-4204, Opt. 1 if you are interested.  We cannot be without a Treasurer!
Also, Please Be Aware - A  Management Company for the Huntington Park HOA is a very real possibilityThis, again, is due to the lack of volunteers coming forward for the Board of Trustees. As a matter of fact, the Board is currently researching management companies for the very near future.  This will result in a substantial increase in the Annual Assessment (Dues).
Regarding Our Pond and the Deck for the Pond -
The Landscape Committee and the Board of Trustees are aware of the low level of the Pond and some possible issues with the Deck for the Pond.  Resolutions for these are being pursued and more information will be forthcoming.
Please Remember - If you have questions regarding HPE -
  • You MUST call the HPE Hotline and use the proper extension!
  • DO NOT call individual Trustees or Officers directly, unless asked to do so - that is why we have the Hotline!
  • The Hotline number can be found by clicking on the "Contact Us Regarding HPE Information" link on the left side of this Home Page
Please Note:  If you call the HPE Hotline to leave a message, you must leave the appropriate information.  (See the "Contact Us Regarding HPE Information" link on the left side of this Home Page for that information.)  Messages left anonymously will not be addressed.
Thank You!

~ Safety Information ~
SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION!  That means School Buses are back as well.  That means Children will be getting on and off those School Buses. Please be careful and watch for them.
BREAK-INS And THEFTS -  Yes, these have occurred recently.  A few tips to try to prevent them:
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle unlocked if you leave it in your driveway overnight. 
  • DO NOT leave anything that looks valuable so that it is visible by looking into your vehicle
  • DO NOT leave your Garage Door open during the evening - especially when you are asleep
All of these make it too easy for thieves.  Unfortunately, we are living in times where WE must take extra steps to protect ourselves and our property.
What you CAN and MUST DO is be Alert, Watchful and Observant and call the Police if you see ANYTHING Suspicious!  No matter how insignificant it may appear to you.  For example, if you see a strange or unfamiliar vehicle, call the Police.  And yes, if you see strange or unfamiliar people, call the Police. 
Many of these crimes DO occur during the day when the thieves believe the residents are not home, out shopping or at work.
Be a Good Neighbor and watch out for your fellow residents.  Many crimes have been stopped or solved by the Police being alerted by residents giving this type of information. 
Call the Strongsville Police at 440-580-3230 for Non-Emergencies or 9-1-1 for an Emergency
Obey the Speed Limit (25 MPH) and Stop Signs.  More and more residents are noting violators not obeying those AND are informing the Police.  The 25 MPH Speed Limit and Stop Signs are the Law for a reason!

~ Maintaining Our Neighborhood's "High Standards" ~
  • Some Residents are leaving Brush and Tree Clippings on their Tree Lawn.  This looks terrible and surely your neighbors do not like it!  Here are the City of Strongsville Guidelines for this type of refuse:
    • There are three ways for residents to dispose of brush:
      1.      Take brush to the Transfer Station located at 16099 Foltz Parkway.
      2.      Bundle branches in 4-foot lengths and leave out for Republic Waste on your regular trash day (or the night before). Bundles can weigh no more than 50 pounds each.
      3.      Call the Strongsville Service Department for pickup at (440) 580-3170. The city will schedule a time, generally within a week.
    • Guidelines for city's brush pickup and chipping service:
      The city will ONLY pick up at the curb (do not obstruct sidewalk or street)
      Place all cut ends in one direction
      Keep pile as neat as possible (branches only, no steel, metal, debris or stumps)
      Branches can be no more than 6 inches in diameter
      Branches must be longer than 3 feet
      Only normal residential brush is accepted – no land clearing. If you hire a contractor, the contractor is responsible for removing the brush
  • Regarding the Trash for Residents, per the City Of Strongsville Ordinances, "Refuse shall not be put out earlier than the night before the scheduled collection day".  (Codified Ordinances of Strongsville, Ohio Section 1064.07 b(a).)
    • Please DO NOT put your Trash out before that time.  It will be unsightly and detracts from our Neighborhood.
    • If you see a "stray" trash container in the street, please stop and place it back on the Tree Lawn.  Thank You!
  • More and more Trash is appearing along ALL three entrances.  Show your PRIDE in Our Community and, if at all possible, please clean the trash up.  This may be difficult during the winter weather but it still makes a difference.
  • When they are walking around our neighborhood, some people have been seen picking up trash, left behind by irresponsible individuals - (Even in the winter weather!)  That is GREAT!
All of us residents like to see people caring about Our Community and keeping it CLEAN
Regarding Dog Care
We are seeing more and more residents cleaning up after their dogs, whether they are large or small.  We see this even in bad weather! 
That shows what Great and Caring Residents we have here in HPE!
And, when walking your dog around our neighborhood, please maintain your dog by keeping it on a leash and under control so it does not charge or interfere with others! 
As always - your dog is YOUR Responsibility.
HPE Street Signs and their replacement:
  • The HPE Board Of Trustees voted unanimously to replace the Street Signs, as replacement is needed, with the standard steel post street signs which the City Of Strongsville use throughout the city.  This will save HPE money and will allow for a more timely replacement when needed.
  • If you see a problem with a Street Sign please call the HPE Hotline at 440-580-4204 and select option 1 and let us know.  Thanks.

~ For Your Reference ~
Since the following Information may be helpful, it will remain here for your convenience
Need a copy of the "Declaration of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions" or the "HPE Directory"?  Click HERE for information regarding how to obtain those documents.
Would you like to know Strongsville's Solicitor Information?  Click HERE for some "Main Points" regarding Strongsville's Policy.
For your convenience, a link to the Codified Ordinances for the Strongsville is provided HERE