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Welcome To Your HPE Website    
Updated: 4/24/15
(Make sure you scroll down the page to see everything!)
~ Important Messages ~
We Still Need Volunteers!  NO ONE has come forward. 
With all of the good people who live in HPE, we are sure there are those who can step-up and help with the mangement of our neighborhood.
Volunteers are needed ASAP for various positions within HPE.  They are needed for the following Positions:
  • Trustee => 1 is needed (Wonder what you would do as a Trustee?  Click HERE to find out!)
  • Landscape Committee => 1 is needed
  • Architectural Control Committee => 2 are needed
  • Pool Committee => 2 are needed
Please contact the HPE Board ASAP using the "Contact Us..." link on the left side of this page.  We would very much like to have YOU join us.  We do not want to have to go to a Management Company to run our Association!  Click HERE to read more about this.

~ New To The Website ~
The latest additions to your website are the following items:
As Of 4-11-2015:
  1. Architectural Control Committee Guidelines for Fences, Free Standing Sheds and Swimming Pools.  These have been formalized which allows for easy reference and understanding of the what is allowed and the requirements.  These can be found by clicking on the Architectural Control Committee link on the left side of this website Home Page and then the appropriate link.
  2. A HPE Landscape Committee Overview.  That can be found by clicking on the Landscape Committee link on the left side of this website Home Page.
  3. A HPE Directory Update Form Link.  This is the form Residents must use to add or update their information published in the HPE Directory.  This link can be found on the left side of this website Home Page.
  4. HPE Swim Team information.  Click HERE for that information.  Their webpage can be found at the following location:
As Of 4-12-2015:
  1. FAQ's...FAQ's...FAQ's...A "HPE FAQ Page" link has been added to the left side of this website Home Page.  We've encountered many questions in the past.  Here you will find the answers to those questions.  As always, if you do not see an answer you need, please call the HPE Hotline at 440-580-4204, opt. 1.  Your question just may be added to the FAQ's!
  2. A "Upcoming Events" link has been added to the left side of this website Home Page as well as a section on the Home Page.  Here you will find information for those events.
  3. The March 2015 HPE Board Meeting Minutes have been added to the link for the meeting minutes.

As Of 4-24-2015:
  1. A link indicating how to obtain a copy of the "HPE Declaration of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions" (The HPE By-Laws) has been added to the left side of this Home Page.
  2. A FAQ has been added indicating what to do if you do not have a copy of The HPE By-Laws.
  3. A link to the "HPE Homeowners' Association Rules and Regulations" has been added to the left side of this Home Page.  This document lists the changes necessary when the need arises for the HPE By-Laws to be amended or modified.

~ Upcoming HPE Events ~
HPE Garage Sale
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 to Friday, July 24th, 2015
YES, there will be a HPE neighborhood Garage Sale this year!
     The dates and times are as follows:
          Wednesday, July 22nd - "Preview Night" => 6 PM to 8 PM
          Thursday, July 23rd => 8 AM to 4 PM
          Friday, July 24th => 8 AM to 4 PM
    More details will be forthcoming...

View All Events

~ Caught Being Helpful In Huntington ~
Every so often, someone is brought to my attention who has gone, as it is said,
"Above And Beyond"
to show how much they care about our Neighborhood and the Well-Being of our Residents.
One such Person is:  Kris Moenich
At least twice now, she went along Bryn Mawr from Webster Road to Albion Road cleaning up after other "people".  Items Kris found included:  Tobacco Tins, Water Bottles (some with a brown liquid), Vodka Bottles, Beer Bottles, Juice Bottles, Cigarette Packages (usually Marlboro), Milk Cartons, Broken Plastic, Windex Bottles, Fast Food Restaurant bags with empty containers and a lot of Paper, Cardboard and Plastic Bags.  All of this completely filled two large plastic garbage bags.
By the way, you may or may not know this but Kris is also the person who brought out her tarps, brushes of many shapes and sizes, tape and paint and re-painted all of the words and the tree in our Stone Signs at the Webster Road entrance and the Albion Road entrance. 
It has been pointed out that two other Residents have also gone "Above And Beyond".  They've been cleaning up areas of HPE as well.
Those Good Residents are:  John and Lori Wallace
They have been cleaning up trash on North Bexley, Lake Forest and part of Huntington Park Drive.  Thank you John and Lori.  We appreciate how much you are doing and how much you care about our community.  I did not hear what John and Lori found but I'll bet it was the same type of items Kris found above. 
It is a shame there are individuals who have no respect for others and show what kind of people they are by leaving this kind of garbage.  Luckily, we have residents who compensate for such individuals. 
This is the kind of volunteerism we need to keep up the High Standards we like to boast about regarding HPE.  However, we can always use more of this.  If you would like to take an active role by doing things like cleaning up items (which would be great - we thank you) or being part of the HPE Board, please contact us at 440-580-4204, option 1.  We'd very much like to have you with us!
If you hear or know of anyone who has gone "Above And Beyond" to help HPE, please let us know by calling 440-580-4204, option 1.  It would be nice to be able to put their name or names on this page so others can be made aware of the Good Residents we have with us and their Good Deeds.
From The Webmaster

~ Safety Information ~
Obey the Speed Limit (25 MPH) and Stop Signs.  More and more residents are noting violators not obeying those AND are informing the Police.  Remember - there are many children going to school.  The 25 MPH Speed Limit and Stop Signs are the Law for a reason!
Ensure your Driveway Post Light is working correctly.  This is a Strongsville City Ordinance!  Click HERE for more information.  This will help those who walk in the evening and children going to school in the morning.

~ Maintaining Our Neighborhood's "High Standards" ~

Regarding Dog Care => We've seen more and more people cleaning up after their dogs, large & small, when walking them - EVEN IN THE NASTY WEATHER - Thank You!
And - While they are walking around our neighborhood, some people have been seen picking up trash, left behind by irresponsible individuals - That is GREAT!
All of us residents like to see people caring about Our Community
and keeping it CLEAN

~ For Your Reference ~
Need a copy of the "Declaration of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions" or the "2013/2014 HPE Directory"?  Click HERE for information regarding how to obtain those documents.
For information regarding the Tennis Courts, call the HPE Main Telephone Number => 440-580-4204 and select Option 1.
Would you like to know Strongsville's Solicitor Information?  Click HERE for some "Main Points" regarding Strongsville's Policy.
HERE is information regarding the Codified Ordinances of the City of Strongsville