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Welcome To Your HPE Website
(Updated: 2/1/16)
(Make sure you scroll down the page to see everything!)
~ An Update Regarding Our Need For Volunteers: ~
Here is the latest volunteer information:
  • Residents have stepped forward and notified the Board that they would like to be a Trustee.
  • Some of these Residents have attended a Board Meeting to see "First-Hand" what is involved.
  • The Board received some very good suggestions from these Residents.  There is a good chance that some of these suggestions will be implemented.
  • Per the HPE "Declaration of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions", the Election of the Trustees needed will be voted upon at the upcoming April Homeowners meeting.  This will include any Residents who step forward up to that point in time.
  • That means other Residents can still volunteer, just call the HPE Hotline (440-580-4204, Opt. 1) and let us know.
  • Volunteers are still needed for the following Committees (you do not need to be a Trustee to be a member of these Committees):
    • Architectural Control Committee => 1 is needed
    • Landscape Committee => 1 is needed
    • Pool Committee => The Committee Chairman is needed.  Our past Chairman has stepped down.

~ Other Important Messages ~
Annual Homeowner Dues Update:
The HPE dues statements were mailed to all residents on December 19th.  The HPE dues are $290 for 2016 and are to be paid before March 15th.  As of February 1st, 158 of 520 residents (30.4%) have paid their 2016 dues.
The Following remains on the Website as it is still Good Information to know...
The Latest HPE Directory has been delivered...
The directory has been printed and delivered to our residents.  It contains the latest information regarding our community and we hope it is useful to all residents.  A Huge Thank You goes out to Michell Rucinski, Marilyn Zahniser and Judith Sagan for delivering over 500 Directories!  That involved a great deal of walking and time!
Be on the lookout for your copy, it may be at your front door.  If you have not received it yet, please call the HPE Hotline (440-580-4204, Opt. 1).
A Note regarding the TENNIS COURTS - They are now closed for the season.  They will reopen in March 2016.
A problem with TRASH around our Neighborhood is occurring.  Please see the information in the "Maintaining Our Neighborhood's High Standards" box below.
Always keep in mind - if you plan to make ANY changes to the outside appearance of your Home or Yard, you must inform the Architectural Control Committee by using their "EXTERIOR CHANGE APPLICATION".  Please click on the Architectural Control Committee link on the left side of this page for that Application and further information.

~ Safety Information ~
PLEASE REMEMBER => School has re-opened - Children will be waiting for their busses and walking on our sidewalks and along Webster Road. 
This is ESPECIALLY Important during the Winter Weather where visibility may be poor!
Obey the Speed Limit (25 MPH) and Stop Signs.  More and more residents are noting violators not obeying those AND are informing the Police.  The 25 MPH Speed Limit and Stop Signs are the Law for a reason!
Ensure your Driveway Post Light is working correctly.  This is a Strongsville City Ordinance!  Click HERE for more information.  This will help those who walk in the evening and children going to school in the morning.

~ Maintaining Our Neighborhood's "High Standards" ~
Trash Issues:
  • Regarding the Trash for Residents, per the City Of Strongsville Ordinances, "Refuse shall not be put out earlier than the night before the scheduled collection day".  (Codified Ordinances of Strongsville, Ohio Section 1064.07 b(a).)
    • Please DO NOT put your Trash out before that time.  It will be unsightly and detracts from our Neighborhood.
    • If you see a "stray" trash container in the street, please stop and place it back on the Tree Lawn.  Thank You!
  • More and more Trash is appearing along ALL three entrances.  Show your PRIDE in Our Community and, if at all possible, please clean the trash up.  This may be difficult during the winter weather but it still makes a difference.
  • When they are walking around our neighborhood, some people have been seen picking up trash, left behind by irresponsible individuals - (Even in the winter weather!)  That is GREAT!
All of us residents like to see people caring about Our Community and keeping it CLEAN
Regarding Dog Care
  • We've seen more and more people cleaning up after their dogs, large & small, when walking them - EVEN IN THE NASTY WEATHER - Thank You!
  • Please maintain your dog so it does not charge or interfere with others! 
As always - your dog is YOUR Responsibility.
HPE Street Signs and their replacement:
  • The HPE Board Of Trustees voted unanimously to replace the Street Signs, as replacement is needed, with the standard steel post street signs which the City Of Strongsville use throughout the city.  This will save HPE money and will allow for a more timely replacement when needed.
  • If you see a problem with a Street Sign please call the HPE Hotline at 440-580-4204 and select option 1 and let us know.  Thanks.

~ For Your Reference ~
Since the following Information may be helpful, it will remain here for your convenience
Need a copy of the "Declaration of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions" or the "HPE Directory"?  Click HERE for information regarding how to obtain those documents.
Would you like to know Strongsville's Solicitor Information?  Click HERE for some "Main Points" regarding Strongsville's Policy.