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(Updated: 11/7/2022)
As of October 1, 2022, Huntington Park Estates
is managed by the property management company M2.
Please contact M2 with any association concerns at:
(330) 220-1100
Huntington Park Estates also has a Facebook page
that residents can join to stay connected. 
Search "Huntington Park Estates Community Page".
A full Board of Trustees is at least 5 individuals.
Currently, the HPE Board of Trustees has 3 members.
Please contact M2 Management Company to 
express interest in joining the Board.
Association Reminders:
·      Dogs must be leash-controlled at all times.
·         Enjoy your walks with your pets but please clean up after them.
·         NOTE:  The Tennis Court is not to be used as a “dog park.”
·         If dogs are lost, found or are seen running loose, 
          call the City of Strongsville Animal Control Department at (440) 580-3180.
* The pond is catch and release.  No license is required.

~ Who We Are, Where We Are and What We Offer ~
Huntington Park Estates
is among the first planned residential communities 
in the Greater Cleveland area.
The neighborhood covers 42 acres.
There are  18.6 acres dedicated
to green space (common ground).
Of the 520 single family homes,
221 are divided among seven (7) cluster associations.
All homes are either ranch or two-story models.
Huntington Park Estates
is a deed restricted community
with a with a Declaration of Easements, Covenants
and Restrictions which include the By-Laws.
Huntington Park Estates is managed by
a Board of five Homeowner Trustees.
To preserve the original vision for the community,
the Board of Trustees maintains the common areas of
Huntington Park Estates and monitors and enforces
the Easement, Covenants and Restrictions.
HPE relative to greater Strongsville –
Huntington Park Estates is located in northwest Strongsville
and bounded by Whitney Road, Albion Road,
Webster Road and I-71.
Huntington Park Estates is conveniently located near both Interstate 71
and Interstate 80 (Turnpike).
Interstate 71 is a main thoroughfare (a 20 minute drive) to
and Interstate 80 gives access to east-west travel.  
A short distance west of Huntington Park Estates is
an entrance to the extensive and interconnected system of metro parks,
It is locally known as the "Emerald Necklace". 

Cleveland International Airport is only a 10 minute drive away.

All amenities are available
for the enjoyment of our residents and their guests. 
Near the swimming pool and kiddie pool,
is a covered picnic area (pavilion),
a playground for younger children and a volleyball pit.
A gazebo, located in a quiet area of the community,
is a popular location for Graduation and Wedding photographs.
The pavilion and gazebo may be rented for personal use.
Basketball and tennis courts are also available.
A fountain and pond are located near
the Whitney Road entrance.
This area provides a deck and park benches
for the enjoyment of our residents.
(For safety, no swimming, boating or ice skating are allowed.) 
All common areas are closed at dusk.

~ Maintaining Our Neighborhood ~

Trash Collection
Trash should not be placed at the curb before 6:00 p.m.
the evening before pick-up.
Currently, the pick-up day is Wednesday.
Trees and Shrubs
Trees and shrubs must be trimmed to
allow safe passage for walkers.
Brush from trimming trees and shrubs
can be disposed of in three ways.
1.    With regular weekly pick-up,
the branches can be no more than 3 ' in length,
6 " in diameter and bundled neatly.
2.    The  brush can be taken to
the Transfer Station at
16099 Foltz Industrial Parkway.
3.    A pick-up can be scheduled with
the Strongsville Service Department.
Tree Lawn Trees
The City of Strongsville will remove the tree at no cost.
They will cut the tree down, grind the stump and replant the grass.
Replacement trees can be purchased for $100.
Choices are limited.
For further information. click HERE
You are responsible for your dog.
Pets must be leash-controlled at all times.
The Tennis Court ARE NOT a dog exercise area.

~ Safety Information ~
25 MPH Speed Limit
Stop Signs
are posted for a reason!
If you see something -- say something!
 Strongsville Police
Non-Emergencies 440-580-3230 
Emergency  9-1-1
Curfew Hours
                                            Sunday - Thursday          Friday and Saturday
         Ages 12 and under:              9:00 p.m.                    10:00 p.m
         Ages 13 - 15                      10:00 p.m.                    11:00 p.m.
         Ages 16 and 17                  11:00 p.m.                    12:00 midnight
Age 18 Considered adult
Your Yard Light is the only illumination in Huntington Park Estates.
Check yours often to be certain it is working.  
Sidewalks must be kept clear for the safety of walkers.
Trim trees and shrubs appropriately.
Uneven sidewalks in excess of 2" must be repaired.
Contact the City    440-580-3105
All Common Areas are closed at dusk.

~ For Your Reference ~
Ward 1 Councilman
Jim Kaminski
Strongsville's Solicitor Information                    Click HERE 
Codified Ordinances for the Strongsville             Click HERE

~ 2022 Assessment Letter and Invoice ~
2022 Assessment Letter Click => HERE
2022 Assessment Invoice - DUE 3/31/2022 Click => HERE

~ 2022 HOA Meeting ~
HPE 2022 Proxy Form >  Click HERE
In 2022, HPE attempted to hold an annual meeting, but did not have a quorum, and could not proceed.  Please contact M2 Management Company with any questions or concerns.